Lit Club Resource

Creating a Resource for Students and Teachers

When preparing for a Lit Club of 3/4 grade students, I was looking for a way to organize information. Inspired by my Reading Credential and GATE Credential research, and drawing from my 10 year Montessori Elementary teaching experience, I tried to incorporate strategies and resources which would add to the Lit Club experience.

I included links which have influenced my wiki organization. I tried to incorporate Schema, Kaplan's Depth and Complexity Icons, Flipped Lesson Ideology, Differentiated Instruction, Project Based Learning, and finally Reading Comprehension Strategies from the book Mosaic of Thought. Hopefully, these tools will help students achieve a deeper understanding, and reach a higher level of learning as described in Bloom's Taxonomy.

external image picture-of-piaget.jpgPiaget called "Schema" the Building Blocks for Learning

Learning and Creating "Schema"

Kaplan's Depth and Complexity Icons

external image kaplan.jpgexternal image DC-Grid.pngYouTube Video: Sandra Kaplan Introduces Depth and Complexity Icons

external image icon-card-pic1.jpg

Depth and Complexity Icons: Classroom Strategies and Lessons

Flipped Lessons
external image khan.jpgTEDTalk: Salman Khan of the Khan Academy

external image Flipped-Classroom.jpgFlipped Teaching-Wikipedia Definition

Flipped Classroom

Differentiated Instruction

Differentiated Instruction

Project Based Learningexternal image heptagon2.png
Project Based Learning

YouTube Video about Project Based Learning

Reading Comprehension Strategies

Comprehension Strategies For Lit Clubsexternal image bloomwheel3.gif

Mosaic of Thought: 7 Comprehension Strategiesexternal image mosaic-of-thought-1a3bc0q.jpg
external image Reading%20Ticket%20Reading%20Comprehension%20Skills%20and%20Strategies.JPG

external image bloomTaxonomy.gif

Bloom's Taxonomy