1. Work together or individually and create a game based on the book. Provide cardboard or foam core board, markers, scissors, tape and stapler.
  2. Provide sculptey (a kind of clay) and have the kids sculpt a character’s head.
  3. Create bookmarks based on the book with stiff paper or cardboard, markers & scissors.
  4. Create a scene from the book using a shoebox, paper, glue, markers, tape, etc. Bring in things from home to create a diorama. Create individually or as a group. For a group project, create a scene using a big piece of tag board or foam core board.
  5. Using cardboard craft boxes or other container purchased at a craft store, use a hot glue gun to attach something related to the book in a design.
  6. Create a trivia game by having each member bring in three questions about the book. Have everyone take turns drawing a question and have fun answering it.
  7. Act out a scene of the play and then record the show to play back, or make it into a movie.
  8. Write a plot for a sequel to the book. Do this individually, in pairs, or as a group.
  9. Have everyone name something that would be different in the book if the setting of the book took place 100 years into the future.
  10. Choose one character in the book. Each member of the team must decide on what gift to bring to a birthday party for this character. Consider the character’s personality, likes and dislikes. Act out the party with each team member presenting their gift. Or make the gift.
  11. Write a poem about a character. If working together, one team member could think of at least one line.
  12. Write a script and act out a new ending for the book.
  13. Make a 30 second television commercial to try to get people to read the book. Be sure to include information about the characters, setting, and the story that will get people interested in the book.
  14. If you can get your hands on a game called The Book Club in a Box (try ebay), play the game. Many of the ideas for book clubs are from this game!